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Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Hello friends! Being in the jewellery business I am in touch with lots of brides and something I’m hearing about more and more is the fantastic idea of a Bridesmaid Proposal Box! If you’ve not heard of them yet they are a really fun way to ask the special women who will share your day if they’ll ‘do you the honour?’ and support you on your big day. Because I have had so many brides asking for personalised jewellery to add to these boxes I thought that I’d give you some hints and tips for putting one of these boxes together and hopefully give you some inspiration! Ideas for a Bridesmaid Proposal Box These boxes can be called ‘Will You...

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Our Lovely Layers

Hello! This week I thought I’d share some of our most popular layering pendant necklace options and layering trends that are perfect for day-to-day wear and keep the memories of your special moments just next to your heart! Layering necklaces has become such a popular jewellery statement and I can’t see the trend slowing down any time soon. I think it’s because it’s such an individual way of showing your particular style and because it’s done with such delicate necklaces is never looks over the top! Don’t forget, we can personalize any of these sets or single pendants to create your very own special memories with names, dates or initials and we’ve also got constellations and star signs that you...

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Making Gifting a Whole Lot Easier!

Honestly, each year it seems like Christmas in the shops comes earlier and earlier! This morning I heard that Kmart are already getting Christmas stock onto the shelves; it’s only the 4th of October! But it did get me to thinking about gifts in general and how the whole process of deciding what to buy for those you love happens. Some people are planners and have their gift lists done and dusted by the start of November and others are more likely to get the majority of their shopping done in the 24 hours before Christmas Eve! Planning Really Does Make it Less Stressful though! I know that some of you aren’t planners but it actually does make things less...

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What is handstamping?

What is handstamping?  Good question! Handstamping is a metal work technique where an impression is made in metal by using a stamp and a hammer. Every single letter and symbol is aligned and stamped individually, this is what makes each piece slightly different and beautiful in its own right.  I know what you're thinking, EASY! but there's a bit more to it than Just that. In our studio in Brisbane, Australia we cut each piece of precious metal then personalise it to your details (hand stamp it), polish, assemble and package it. It's really a labour of love and all done by hand but the finished piece is one to cherish. Do we make mistakes? Yes, lots of them, and these...

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